Calf Boots

Audrey Martinez
11 min readApr 9, 2024

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our list of the top calf boots, find your perfect pair, and elevate your wardrobe to new heights.

The Top 5 Best Calf Boots

  1. Black Croc-Design Simmi London Knee Boots with Heels — Glam up your wardrobe with the Simmi London Benedict Heeled Knee Boots in Black Croc — a stunning fusion of style and comfort!
  2. Croc-Embossed Knee High Heeled Boot with Full Length Zip by Ninety Union London — Step into style with the Women’s Ninety Union London Knee High Heeled Boot in Brown Size 5, featuring a stylish curved heel, full-length zippers, and eye-catching croc embossed material for a chic fall look.
  3. Stretchy Knee-high Boots: Fashionable Below-Knee Collection by Soul Naturalizer — Strut in style with Soul Naturalizer’s Uptown Knee High Boots, featuring a comfortable stretch and convenient side-zip closure for a fashionable and functional fit.
  4. Tall Black Block Heel Boots by AQUA — Chic Women’s Shoes with Pointed Toe — Explore AQUA’s collection of fashionable tall boots, featuring sleek black croc patterns and a stylish 3.5-inch block heel, perfect for dressy occasions and enhancing your wardrobe.
  5. Military-Inspired Combat Boots with Pocket Wallet in Black Leather — Experience functional style with Dream Pairs Women’s Military-inspired Terran Black Combat Boots, featuring a faux fur lining, built-in pocket wallet, and a comfortable TPR outsole for a comfortable, secure fit.

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Black Croc-Design Simmi London Knee Boots with Heels

Black Croc-Design Simmi London Knee Boots with Heels | Image

I recently tried on the Simmi London Benedict Heeled Knee Boots in Black Croc, and let me tell you, they stole the show. The boot’s design, resembling croc skin, added a touch of sophistication to my outfit. The pull-on style and side zip closure made it easier to slip into, and the pointed toe added some feminine flair.

However, the flared heel did take some getting used to at first. It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, but it did require a bit of practice to walk in. Despite this minor setback, overall, the boots were incredibly comfortable to wear, making them a great choice for a long day of errands or a night out on the town.

The 100% Polyester lining and 100% Rubber sole provide both comfort and durability. However, some reviewers did mention that they could have sized down, so make sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing. Additionally, the boots may look perfect, but they can be a bit tricky to put on if you’re not familiar with the pull-on style.

Overall, the Simmi London Benedict Heeled Knee Boots in Black Croc are a stylish and comfortable option for those looking to add a bit of glam to their wardrobe. Just be mindful of the sizing and make sure to practice walking in the flared heel before heading out.

Croc-Embossed Knee High Heeled Boot with Full Length Zip by Ninety Union London

Croc-Embossed Knee High Heeled Boot with Full Length Zip by Ninety Union London | Image

These fantastic boots from Ninety Union in London captured my heart in an instant, and I’ve been wearing them with pride ever since. The first thing that caught my eye was the elegant rubber sole, providing a smooth and comfortable walk on any terrain. And don’t get me started on the fashionable heel — it adds just the right amount of height without causing any discomfort.

The exquisite croc embossed material makes these boots stand out, creating a delightful mix of style and practicality. The full-length zippers both inside and outside make slipping them on and off a breeze, which is a bonus for those busy mornings when every second counts. I’ll admit, I initially felt a little apprehensive about the 3-inch heel height, but it proved surprisingly comfortable and didn’t hinder my day-to-day activities at all.

On the flip side, I do have a couple of minor concerns to share. Firstly, I found that the zippers sometimes got a bit sticky, which required a bit of extra effort to open and close. Secondly, while I was able to find the perfect fit, I noticed that some customers were disappointed with the sizing, as the boots do indeed run a little large. But overall, these boots are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, providing both style and comfort in equal measure.

Stretchy Knee-high Boots: Fashionable Below-Knee Collection by Soul Naturalizer

Stretchy Knee-high Boots: Fashionable Below-Knee Collection by Soul Naturalizer | Image

In my quest to find a stylish and comfortable boots, I stumbled upon the Soul Naturalizer Uptown Knee High Boots. The classic black faux leather design grabbed my attention, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint.

The stretchy high-shaft design makes these boots a fantastic choice for those who want a bit of extra room around the calf. The convenient side-zip closures and elastic gore panels contribute to their comfortable fit. However, one downside was the side-zip closure didn’t always cooperate, making it a challenge to get into a pair on-the-go.

The Man-made fabric did not compromise on quality. While the material felt comfortable, the faux leather didn’t have the same durability or class the higher-end, real leather boots possess. It also led to that squeaky sound that I never enjoyed hearing from my boots.

I wish SOUL Naturalizer would pay attention to the environmental impact of their production lines and return to using only real leather. Yet, the Vegan Leather they used for these boots felt good and not too tacky, which I appreciate.

The boot also felt a bit narrow compared to my expectations, and I noticed a slight discomfort as the day went on. Given this, I had to be more careful about the outfit I paired these boots with.

In conclusion, the Soul Naturalizer Uptown Knee High Boots are a great purchase for those with wide calves who seek a stylish, and somewhat comfortable boot. There are definitely room for improvement but overall, it’s a solid choice that offers value for its’ price.

Tall Black Block Heel Boots by AQUA — Chic Women’s Shoes with Pointed Toe

Tall Black Block Heel Boots by AQUA - Chic Women's Shoes with Pointed Toe | Image

Last month, I stumbled upon these Aqua Maria Block Heel Tall Boots in black croc, and I must say I’m impressed! The design is elegant and sophisticated, but it’s the comfort that really sets them apart. I love wearing them to dressy events or just running errands around town. The 3.5-inch block heel adds a touch of height without being too overpowering, and the 15-inch boot height makes it easy to style with dresses or leggings.

One thing that stood out to me is the zip closure, making it a breeze to slip them on and off. The pointed toe adds a chic touch to the style, while the leather insole provides the perfect amount of cushion for walking in comfort all day long. However, sometimes the leather material feels a bit tacky, and I wish the quality was better for the price.

All in all, these boots are a great addition to any closet and have become my go-to for stylish yet comfortable footwear. Despite the minor drawbacks, I would still highly recommend Aqua Maria Block Heel Tall Boots to anyone looking for that perfect combination of style and comfort.

Military-Inspired Combat Boots with Pocket Wallet in Black Leather

Military-Inspired Combat Boots with Pocket Wallet in Black Leather | Image

Imagine walking gracefully in your stylish yet comfortable “Dream Pairs Black Leather Mid Calf Boots”. The boots are a modern twist on military-inspired combat footwear, designed with a perfect balance of style and efficiency. The attention to detail, with a built-in pocket wallet for your valuables, is a feature that sets these boots apart.

The soft faux fur lining ensures your feet stay warm and cozy, while the comfortable TPR outsole allows effortless movement throughout your day. The lace-up design offers adjustable calf circumference, perfect for when you’re on the go or transitioning from day to night.

These boots are versatile, suitable for various occasions, and not just for military-style attire. However, like any other product, they might not be perfect. Not all reviewers had positive experiences, with a few mentioning issues with comfort or quality. Nevertheless, the “Dream Pairs Black Leather Mid Calf Boots” have proven popular among many, thanks to their unique design and comfortable wear.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to Calf Boots, it’s essential to consider various factors to make an informed purchase. This buyer’s guide will help you navigate important features, considerations, and advice to ensure you find the perfect pair for your needs.



Calf boots are typically made from a variety of materials, including leather, synthetic materials, and even suede. Leather calf boots are durable and offer a more premium feel, while synthetic materials are usually more affordable and lightweight. Suede calf boots are comfortable and flexible but may require more careful maintenance.


Calf boots come in various styles, including ankle-length, knee-high, and over-the-knee. Ankle-length boots offer a more casual look, while knee-high and over-the-knee boots provide a more chic and sophisticated appearance. Consider the occasion and your personal style when choosing the appropriate style.


Comfort and Fit

Comfort is crucial when choosing calf boots. Look for boots with a cushioned insole and ankle support to ensure a comfortable fit. Measure your calf size before purchasing to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, consider the heel height and width of the boot to avoid discomfort during wear. Some calf boots may be narrower, so try them on before buying to avoid any issues.

Weather Resistance and Insulation

Depending on the climate where you live, you may need calf boots with insulation and waterproofing features. Look for boots with a Gore-Tex or similar membrane to ensure water resistance. For insulation, consider the boot’s thickness and lining material. Thicker boots may provide better insulation, but they can also be heavier and less breathable. Choose a boot that balances warmth and comfort for your needs.



What are calf boots?

Calf boots are footwear designed to cover the lower part of the leg, from the ankle to just above the knee. They are often worn for fashion purposes or to protect the ankles and lower legs from inclement weather. Calf boots typically come in a variety of styles, such as ankle-length, knee-high, and over-the-knee, and can be made of materials like leather, suede, rubber, or canvas.

Calf boots are versatile, making them suitable for various occasions, including casual wear, outdoor activities, and formal events. They provide both style and function, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and desired look. Some popular calf boots are rain boots, combat boots, and riding boots.


How do I choose the right size of calf boots?

When choosing the right size of calf boots, it’s essential to consider the circumference of your calf, the width of your foot, and the height of your leg. Measure the circumference of your calf at its widest point using a measuring tape. This measurement will help you determine whether the calf boot width is suitable for you. Most brands offer sizing charts to help you choose the perfect fit.

For a comfortable and snug fit, you should also consider the width of your foot and the height of your leg. Some calf boots come with adjustable fastenings, such as laces or zippers, to help you achieve the right fit. It’s recommended to try on the calf boots in person to ensure a proper fit or check the brand’s return policy if you need to exchange them for a different size.

What are some popular styles of calf boots?

There are many popular styles of calf boots, each with its unique design and purpose. Some of the most well-known styles include:

  1. Rain boots — typically made of rubber and featuring a waterproof design to keep feet dry in wet conditions. 2) Combat boots — characterized by their sturdy and durable construction, often made of leather, and designed for added protection and support. 3) Riding boots — popular for both fashion and function, these boots are typically made of leather and feature a high-heeled design for added comfort and stability.

Other popular calf boot styles include fashion boots, hiking boots, and winter boots, which are known for their insulation, waterproofing, and traction. Each style of calf boot offers its unique combination of comfort, protection, and style, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions and activities.


What materials are calf boots made of?

Calf boots can be made from various materials, each offering its own benefits in terms of durability, comfort, and style. Some of the most common materials for calf boots include:

  1. Leather — known for its durability and classic look, leather is a popular choice for calf boots. It can be treated for water resistance and is available in various finishes, including polished, distressed, and matte.
  2. Suede — a softer and more flexible alternative to leather, suede is often used for calf boots due to its breathability and comfort. It requires extra care and maintenance, but it can last a long time when properly taken care of. 3) Rubber — a waterproof and lightweight material, rubber is commonly used for rain boots and other outdoor calf boots. It provides excellent protection against water and mud while maintaining a comfortable fit.

How do I maintain and care for my calf boots?

To ensure the longevity and appearance of your calf boots, it’s crucial to maintain and care for them properly. Depending on the material, you may need to clean, condition, or waterproof your boots. Here are some general care tips for calf boots:

  1. Clean them regularly — using a damp cloth or mild soap, gently wipe away dirt, mud, or debris. 2) Dry them properly — avoid exposing wet calf boots to direct heat, as it can cause the leather or suede to dry out and crack. Instead, allow them to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.
  2. Condition leather boots — apply a leather conditioner or cream to the boots to keep them moisturized and prevent cracking. 4) Waterproof suede boots — use a suede protectant spray to keep the boots water-resistant and prevent staining. 5) Store them correctly — hang calf boots on a sturdy hook or store them in a shoe rack or box, keeping them away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat sources.

What are some common issues with calf boots?

Calf boots are generally reliable and durable footwear, but they may face some common issues over time. Some common issues include:

  1. Wearing out — with regular use, the soles and heels may wear down, requiring replacement or repair. 2) Cracking — leather and suede boots may crack or split if they are not properly cared for or exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. 3) Water damage — rubber and waterproofed calf boots may become damaged if they are left wet for extended periods, leading to mold or mildew growth.
  2. Comfort issues — some calf boots may be uncomfortable for long periods due to tightness or inflexibility. To address this problem, ensure that you choose the correct size and consider the boot’s flexibility before purchasing. If discomfort persists, consider adding insoles or padding to improve comfort.

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